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Born and raised in Italy, we spent childhood summers at our grandparents’ houses in the Marche region of Italy & Tuscany.  There we learned to appreciate simple, authentic, Italian cuisine and experience first-hand, the dedicated producers of what grows in our soil and nurtures our hearts.

What child can ever forget the taste of fresh, extra virgin olive oil on a slice of just-out-of-the-oven baked bread?  Or, as an adult, the very first tasting of wine in Montalcino, Tuscany?  Every time we travel we look for places that can meet our high standards of authenticity and freshness with you, the traveler, in mind. 


The opportunity to travel all over Italy came with our first job.  Working for a major company, we traveled all over Italy to make sure even the smallest restaurant in the middle of nowhere accepted credit cards.  Sometimes, we would find ourselves stranded in areas of Italy where no tourist had ever set foot and everything was frozen in time: fresh ricotta would be served in a straw basket still warm and the fruit in local trattorias would come from their own backyard. 

When we moved to the US, we started to play host to our many friends and colleagues organizing their vacations to Italy showing the Italy we love. 

We always put authenticity at the center of these arrangements and got so much positive feedback from returning friends that after many years behind a desk, we finally got it. Italian Days began to offer authentic, Italian experiences to North American travelers. 


We offer an intimate experience which includes great food, wines, warm people, beautiful landscapes, history and culture.  Several times a year, we travel to Italy, to select villa rentals, cooking classes, boutique hotels, guided visits, put together Wine and Food Tour, our Lifestyle Weeks and many other services to make your vacation in Italy unique and wonderful.

We personally know all the wonderful people who open their hearts to give you an inside view of the local lifestyle through cooking classes, wine tasting and guided tours to the main cities of art and more remote towns and villages full of history and beauty.  Every year new ruins are discovered and opened up for viewing. 

Every season in Italy authentic traditions are rekindled and revitalized.  It’s Italian Days’ purpose to put all of these wonderful opportunities together and within easy reach for you.


Or Seize the Day!  We look forward to arranging your authentic vacation in Italy and to welcome you into the country we call home!
The Italian Days Team