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SICILY is an island filled with beautifully preserved Greek-Roman archeological cities, standing memories of the time when Sicily was part of Magna Grecia.

“I Don’t Have Words To Express How She [Sicily] Has Welcomed Us: With Fresh Green Mulberry Trees, Evergreen Oleanders, Lemon Hedgerows Etc. In A Public Garden There Are Broad Beds Of Buttercups And Anemones. The Air Is Mild, Warm And Aromatic, The Wind Balmy.” Says Goethe upon his arrival in Sicily.  
Sicily is the true cultural melting pot of Italy. The many cultural influences can be tasted in the delicious food and unique wines of Sicily.  Try the delicious street food and always, always leave room for Gelato, often eaten for breakfast while drinking an espresso.
That you come to the island to unwind and relax or to tour around, you’ll love every minute of it.